Endpoint Commands and Information: iOS

Use the command menu to perform various tasks on the endpoint and the Information tab to view detailed information about the endpoint.


The mobile device management commands might violate privacy or personal data protection regulations. Make sure you have the device owner's permission before sending a command.

Table 1. Endpoint Commands



Tasks > Remote Lock

Locks the device

Tasks > Clear Passcode

Clears the touch ID and passcode on the device

Clearing the touch ID and passcode also prevents some features such as Apple Pay from working.

Tasks > Remote Wipe

Deletes all data on the device and the memory card, including all personal data, files, and apps. This feature also restores the device to factory settings.

Table 2. Information Tab




Displays information such as the Security Agent status and where the Security Agent locates in the Security Agent Tree

Assigned Policy

(Available in Advanced Mode)

Displays the policy that the endpoint applies

Click the policy name to open the Configure Policy screen.

For more information , see iOS Policy Settings.

Endpoint Details

Displays system information such as the operating system and IP address of the endpoint

Security Agent Details

Displays information such as scan components and recent manual scan records

Recent Commands

Displays status information on the commands recently sent from the Worry-Free Services web console