Issues During Migration from Other Antivirus Software

This section discusses some issues you may encounter when migrating from third-party antivirus software.

The Security Agent installer uses the uninstallation program of the third-party software to automatically remove the existing software. If automatic uninstallation is unsuccessful, the following errors might occur:


Possible Causes

Possible Solutions

Uninstallation Unsuccessful.

  • The third-party software's version number or product key is inconsistent.

  • The third-party software's uninstallation program is not working.

  • Certain files for the third-party software are either missing or corrupted.

  • The registry key for the third-party software cannot be cleaned.

  • The third-party software has no uninstallation program.

  • Manually remove the third-party software.

  • Stop the service for the third-party software.

  • Unload the service or process for the third-party software.

If the issue persists, contact your support representative.