Configuring General Settings

  1. Go to ADMINISTRATION > General Settings.
  2. Update the following as required.



    Endpoint Labeling

    • Enable endpoint labeling: Enables easier endpoint management by assigning a name or a unique identifier to each endpoint.

    • Label format: The label users should update. This could be their email address, employee ID, or any other unique ID.


    Worry-Free Services supports labeling of Windows and Mac endpoints during the installation process. To label mobile devices, go to SECURITY AGENTS.

    Security Agent Installation Invitation

    Enable the setting and specify an expiration time on the Security Agent installation package and the installer link.

    Security Agent Tree Cleanup

    Some Security Agents may be uninstalled using other methods such as formatting the endpoint or manual removal of files. Enable this setting to ensure only active Security Agents are visible and all inactive Security Agents are automatically removed after the specified period.

  3. Click Save.