Encrypting or Decrypting Files in Other Locations


Decrypting an infected file could spread the virus/malware to other files.

  1. Create a text file and then type the full path of the files you want to encrypt or decrypt.

    For example, if you want to encrypt or decrypt files in C:\My Documents\Reports, type C:\My Documents\Reports\*.* in the text file. Then save the text file with an INI or TXT extension, for example, you can save it as ForEncryption.ini on the C: drive.

  2. At a command prompt, run Restore Encrypted Virus by typing VSEncode.exe -d -i {location of the INI or TXT file}, where {location of the INI or TXT file} is the path and file name of the INI or TXT file you created (for example, C:\ForEncryption.ini).