Specifying Active Directory Export Settings


Worry-Free Business Security Services only supports Windows desktop and server platforms and does not import the default "Computers" container. Move any endpoints that you want Worry-Free Business Security Services to manage to another organizational unit before continuing.

  1. Go to Administration > Active Directory Settings.
  2. Click Import the Active Directory structure manually.

    This link is accessible only if you have not enabled Active Directory integration.

  3. In the Step 1: Specify Active Directory Export Settings section, specify the Active Directory domain information necessary to generate the command used to export the Active Directory structure.

    For information on how to find the "root bind distinguished name" (DN) and "domain controller DNS name", refer to the administrator's guide of your Active Directory server.

  4. Specify the account with administrator privileges in the Domain\user name field.
  5. To only export information on active computers, select Exclude computers that have not logged on for N days and specify a number.
  6. Click Generate Command.
  7. If your Active Directory structure contains multiple domains, do the following:
    1. Copy and paste the command into a text file.
    2. Repeat Steps 3 to 6 to generate the command for another domain.
    3. Copy and paste the command into the same text file.

    Only add the domains that communicate through port 389. Adding the domain that communicates through port 3268 places Security Agents in the default folders in the Device Tree and prevents you from managing Security Agents based on your Active Directory structure.