Configuring the Global Allowed USB Device List

Use the list to override the USB storage device settings specified in Device Control.

  1. Go to POLICIES > Global Exception Lists.
  2. Click Allowed USB Device List.
  3. To add an exception:
    1. Click Add.
    2. Specify the vendor name of the device and optionally specify the device model and serial ID.

      To obtain the device information:

      • Download and run the Device List Tool on the Windows endpoint where the external device is connected.

        For details on how to use the tool, see Running the Device List Tool.

      • Check the System Information on the Mac endpoint where the external device is connected.

        For details, see Getting Device Information on Mac.

      • Check the Device Control log details if Device Control violations have occurred.

    3. Optionally provide a note regarding the reason for the exception.
    4. Click one of the following:
      • Add: Adds the exception to the list

      • Add Another Device: Adds the exception to the list and lets you add another device information

  4. To edit an exception:
    1. Click the vendor name.

      The Allowed USB Device screen appears.

    2. Update the exception.
    3. Click Save.
  5. To import device information from a CSV file:
    1. Click Import.
    2. Upload the CSV file.
    3. Under Imported devices, specify how to add the imported device information to the list.
      • Append: Adds the imported device information after any existing device information in the list

      • Replace existing list: Replaces any existing device information with the imported device information

    4. Click Import.
  6. To save the Allowed USB Device List in a CSV file, click Export.
  7. To delete exceptions, select the devices and click Delete.