Logs Overview

Logs provide detailed data regarding security and system events that affect your network.


Worry-Free Business Security Services only retains log data for 60 days. If you need to store log data for an extended period of time, Trend Micro recommends exporting log data regularly.

The following table outlines the tasks available on the Logs screen.



Query log data

Use the drop-down lists above the table to select the log types and period for the data you want to examine.

Worry-Free Business Security Services categorizes log types as follows:

  • Security Risk Detections: Logs related to security events including known and unknown threat detections, and policy violations

    For more information, see Security Risk Detection Logs.

  • Web Console Events: Logs related to Worry-Free Business Security Services console activities including account and endpoint management, and administrative settings

    For more information, see Web Console Event Logs.

  • Component Updates: Logs related to component updates on Security Agents

    For more information, see Component Update Logs.

  • Security Agent Events: Logs related to actions performed on the Security Agent program including manual updates, password resets, and remote wipes

    For more information, see Security Agent Event Logs.

Export log data

Query the specific log data you want to export and click Export to download a CSV file to your local drive.