Ransomware Summary Logs

You can view this information by clicking a node on the graph or a detection count on the Ransomware Summary widget.

  • Use the Product, Infection channel, and Period lists to adjust the view.

  • Click Export to save the log events in a CSV file.




The time the event occurred

Security Threat

The type of security threat

  • Virus/Malware Name: Displays the detection name of a known ransomware file

  • Unauthorized File Encryption: Displays when Worry-Free Business Security Services detects a suspicious program encrypted a file

  • <URL>: Displays when Worry-Free Business Security Services detects a known ransomware-related URL

Infection channel

The medium by which the ransomware gains access to the endpoint


The action taken or error result

File Path/URL/Email Subject

  • File path of the ransomware

  • URL or email infected with ransomware


The endpoint on which the event occurred

Click the name of the endpoint to redirect to the Security Agents screen. The Endpoint Details for the selected endpoint displays.


The recipient of the infected email


A link that displays the detailed analysis for the specific detection