Ransomware Summary

This widget provides an overview of all the attempted ransomware attacks for a specified time range.

The default view displays a summary of all the ransomware detections and further categorizes the attempts based on the infection channel.

  • Click the ransomware detection count on the default view to open the Ransomware Summary logs screen that lists the ransomware detection details.

  • Use the drop-down lists to switch between different views.

Click to display the detection information in a chart.

  • Hover over the node(s) for any particular day to view the total number of detections for the displayed detection category. Click a node to redirect to the Ransomware Summary logs screen, which lists the ransomware detection details for that particular day.

Click Enable Ransomware Protection to turn on all features that help protect endpoints from ransomware attacks.

For more information, see Clicking the Enable Ransomware Protection Button.