On-Premises Server Migration Tool

Use the tool to migrate server and Security Agent settings from an on-premises Worry-Free Business Security server to the Worry-Free Business Security Services web console.

The tool does not migrate the following settings:





Messaging Security Agent

Trend Micro Security for Mac server and agent settings

Security Agent console settings

For information on supported versions and platforms, see On-Premises Server Migration Tool System Requirements.

  • Once migration completes, you cannot rollback, and the source Security Server can no longer manage the Security Agents.

  • Ensure that you turn off the Disable Security Agent upgrade and hot fix deployment setting in Configure Policy > Agent Privileges on the source Security Server before performing migration.

  • Do not uninstall or shut down the source Security Server until all Security Agents have successfully migrated.

  1. On the Worry-Free Business Security Services web console, go to ADMINISTRATION > Tools.
  2. Under On-Premises Server Migration Tool, click the download link.

    The link is only available to the Worry-Free Business Security Services Administrator role.

  3. Copy the tool to the source Security Server computer.
  4. Double-click WFmigration.exe to start the tool.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform migration.

    After migrating the settings, the Security Agents will perform an upgrade. Worry-Free Business Security Services cannot manage the Security Agents until the upgrade completes.