Scan Results that May Require Attention

The Security Agent is not always able to perform a desired action on detected threats. When this happens one of the following scan results will appear.


The Security Agent displays a notification if any user action is needed to resolve threats. Users do not have to refer to the logs to verify that all detected threats have been resolved. After a threat requiring attention has been resolved, the history of its detection will remain in the logs.

Scan Result


File locked

The file could not be cleaned or deleted. The file may be open or read-only.

Ensure that the file is closed, reset permissions to it, and then try scanning again.

File not found

The file may have been deleted or moved. If attached to an external drive, the drive may have been disconnected, reconnect the drive and scan again.

Insufficient disk space

More disk space is needed. Try running Disk Cleanup or deleting some files to free up disk space.

Insufficient memory

More system memory is needed. Close other applications to free up some memory and try again.

Quarantine path inaccessible

Unable to move the file to the quarantined path designated by the administrator, which may be on another endpoint. Check you network connection and try again.

Computer restart required

The system must be restarted to completely fix detected threats.

Unable to clean

The Security Agent was unable to clean the file. Restart your endpoint and try again. If the threat is still not fixed, contact Trend Micro for support.

Unable to recover

The Security Agent was unable to restore an encrypted file.