Running a Manual Scan

Manual Scan on Security Agents eliminates threats from files and eradicates old infections, if any, to minimize reinfection.


If the Worry-Free Business Security Services administrator granted you the privilege to customize Configuring Manual Scan, you can change the settings before running a Manual Scan.

  1. Open the main console and click Scan.

    You can also run a Manual Scan by right-clicking the Security Agent icon in the Windows Task Bar and then selecting Scan Now.

  2. Select the scan targets and click Scan.
  3. Monitor the scan progress.
    • A progress bar appears on top of the screen.

    • The screen provides a running total of scanned files and detected threats, if any.

    • You can pause and then resume the scan.

    • At the bottom of the screen is the option to automatically shut down the computer after the scan.

  4. After completing the scan, view the scan result and take the necessary actions against any detected threat.
  5. Click Close.