Configuring Outbreak Defense

  1. Go to Outbreak Defense.
  2. In the Status of Device(s) within Outbreak Defense Enforcement section, click Configure Outbreak Defense.
  3. To turn on Outbreak Defense, select Enable Outbreak Defense for Yellow Alerts.
  4. The option Notify client users when Outbreak Defense starts is automatically selected. Clear the checkbox if you do not want to send Outbreak Defense notifications to users.
  5. By default, Disable Outbreak Defense is set to 2 days. The period of time can be extended to up to 30 days.
  6. Update the following as required:
    Option Description

    Limit/deny access to shared folders

    Select this option to limit or deny access to shared network folders as part of your Outbreak Defense strategy. Choose one of the following:

    • Allow read access only

    • Deny full access

    Block ports

    Select this option to block ports as part of your Outbreak Defense strategy. Choose one of the following:

    • All ports

    • Specified ports

    If you chose Specified ports click Add and select one of the following:

    • Commonly used ports: select the port(s) from the list

    • Ports common used by Trojan programs: there are 40 or more ports know to be used by Trojan programs

    • A port number between 1 and 65535, or a port range: define the port or port range

    • Ping protocol (ICMP)

    Deny write access to files and folders

    Select this option to deny write access to specific files and folders. Choose from the following:

    • Files to protect for specific directories: type the directory path and then specify whether to deny write access to all files or just specific file types

    • Files to protect for all directories: type the name of the specific file(s) to protect (including the file extension)

    Deny access to all executable compressed files

    Select this option to deny access to executable compressed files (packers). Specify whether to allow access to trusted files created by the supported executable packer programs.

  7. Click Save.