Using the ReGenID Tool

Each Security Agent installation needs a unique Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) so that the Security Server can identify agents individually. Duplicate GUIDs typically occur on cloned clients or virtual machines.

If two or more agents report the same GUID, run the ReGenID tool to generate a unique GUID for each client.

  1. On the Security Server, go to the following directory: <Server installation folder>\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility.
  2. Copy WFBS_WIN_All_ReGenID.exe to a temporary folder on the client where the Security Agent is installed. Example: C:\temp
  3. Double-click WFBS_WIN_All_ReGenID.exe.

    The tool stops the Security Agent and removes the client GUID.

  4. Restart the Security Agent.

    The Security Agent generates a new client GUID.