Tool Types

Worry-Free Business Security includes a set of tools that can help you easily accomplish various tasks, including server configuration and client management.


Administrative and client tools cannot be launched from the web console. Add-ins can be downloaded from the web console.

For instructions on how to use the tools, see the relevant sections below.

These tools are classified into three categories:

  • Administrative tools

  • Client tools

    • Client Packager (ClnPack.exe): Creates a self-extracting file containing the Security Agent and components. See Installing with Client Packager.

    • Restore Encrypted Virus and Sypware (VSEncode.exe): Opens infected files encrypted by WFBS. See Restoring Encrypted Files.

    • Client Mover Tool (IpXfer.exe): Transfers agents from one Security Server to another. See Moving Agents.

    • Regenerate the Security Agent ClientID (WFBS_WIN_All_ReGenID.exe): Use the ReGenID utility to regenerate the Security Agent ClientID, based on whether the Agent is on a cloned computer or a virtual machine. See Using the ReGenID Tool.

    • Security Agent Uninstall (SA_Uninstall.exe): automatically removes all Security Agent components from client machine. See Using the SA Uninstall Tool.

  • Add-ins: Allow administrators to view live security and system information from the consoles of supported Windows operating systems. This is the same high-level information visible on the Live Status screen. See Managing SBS and EBS Add-ins.


Some tools available in previous versions of WFBS are not available in this version. If you require these tools, contact Trend Micro Technical Support.