Interpreting Reports

Worry-Free Business Security reports contain the following information. The information displayed could vary depending on the options selected.

Table 1. Contents of a Report

Report Item



Desktop/Servers Virus Summary

Virus reports show detailed information about the numbers and types of virus/malware that the scan engine detected and the actions it took against them. The report also lists the Top virus/malware names. Click the names of the virus/malware to open a new web browser page and redirect it to the Trend Micro virus encyclopedia to learn more about that virus/malware.

Top 5 Desktop/Servers with Virus Detections

Displays the top five desktops or servers reporting virus/malware detections. Observing frequent virus/malware incidents on the same client might indicate that a client represents a high security risk that might require further investigation

Outbreak Defense History

Outbreak Defense History

Displays recent outbreaks, the severity of the outbreaks, and identifies the virus/malware causing the outbreak and how it was delivered (by email or file).


Desktop/Servers Spyware/Grayware Summary

The spyware/grayware report shows detailed information about the spyware/grayware threats detected on clients, including the number of detections and the actions that WFBS took against them. The report includes a pie chart that shows the percentage of each anti-spyware scan action that has been performed.

Top 5 Desktop/Servers with Spyware/Grayware Detections

The report also shows the top five spyware/grayware threats detected and the five desktops/servers with the highest number of spyware/grayware detected. To learn more about the spyware/grayware threats that have been detected, click the spyware/grayware names. A new web browser page opens and displays related information on the spyware/grayware on the Trend Micro website.

Anti-spam summary (Advanced only)

Spam Summary

Anti-spam reports show information about the number of spam and phish detected among the total amount of messages scanned. It lists the reported false positives.

Web Reputation

Top 10 Computers Violating Web Reputation Policies

URL category

Top 5 URL Category Policies Violated

Lists the most commonly accessed website categories that violated the policy.

Top 10 Computers Violating URL Category Policies

Behavior Monitoring

Top 5 Programs Violating Behavior Monitoring Policies
Top 10 Computers Violating Behavior Monitoring Policies

Device Control

Top 10 Computer Violating Device Control Policy

Content filtering summary (Advanced only)

Content Filtering Summary

Content filtering reports show information about the total number of messages that the Messaging Security Agent filtered.

Top 10 Content Filtering Rules Violated

A list of the top 10 content filtering rules violated. Use this feedback to fine-tune your filtering rules.

Network Virus

Top 10 Network Viruses Detected

Lists the 10 network viruses most frequently detected by the common firewall driver.

Click the names of the viruses to open a new web browser page and redirect it to the Trend Micro virus encyclopedia to learn more about that virus.

Top 10 Computers Attacked

List the computers on your network that report the most frequent virus incidents.