Using Log Query

Perform log queries to gather information from the log database. You can use the Log Query screen to set up and run your queries. Results can be exported to a .CSV file or printed.

A Messaging Security Agent (Advanced only) sends its logs to the Security Server every five minutes (regardless of when the log is generated).

  1. Navigate to Reports > Log Query.
  2. Update the following options as required:
    • Time Range

      • Preconfigured range

      • Specified range: To limit the query to certain dates.

    • Type: See Logs to view the contents of each log type.

      • Management console events

      • Desktop/Server

      • Exchange server (Advanced only)

    • Content: The available options depend on the Type of log.

  3. Click Display Logs.
  4. To save the log as a comma-separated value (CSV) data file, click Export. Use a spreadsheet application to view CSV files.