Worry-Free Business Security keeps comprehensive logs about virus/malware and spyware/grayware incidents, events, and updates. Use these logs to assess your organization's protection policies, identify clients that are at a higher risk of infection, and verify that updates have been deployed successfully.


Use spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, to view CSV log files.

WFBS maintains logs under the following categories:

  • Web Console event logs

  • Desktop/Server logs

  • Microsoft Exchange server logs (Advanced only)

Table 1. Log Type and Content

Type (entity that generated the log entry)

Content (type of log to obtain content from)

Management console events

  • Manual Scan (launched from the web console)

  • Update (Security Server updates)

  • Outbreak Defense events

  • Console events


  • Virus logs

    • Manual Scan

    • Real-time Scan

    • Scheduled scan

    • Cleanup

  • Spyware/Grayware logs

    • Manual Scan

    • Real-time Scan

    • Scheduled scan

  • Web Reputation logs

  • URL Filtering logs

  • Behavior monitoring logs

  • Update logs

  • Network virus logs

  • Outbreak Defense logs

  • Event logs

  • Device Control logs

  • Hot Fix Deployment logs

Exchange server (Advanced only)

  • Virus logs

  • Attachment Blocking logs

  • Content Filtering/Data Loss Prevention logs

  • Update logs

  • Backup logs

  • Archive logs

  • Outbreak Defense logs

  • Scan Event logs

  • Unscannable Message Parts logs

  • Web Reputation logs

  • Mobile Event logs