Checking the Security Agent Status

The following image shows the Security Agent Console with everything up-to-date and working properly:

The following table lists the icons and their meanings on the Security Agent Console Main User Interface:

Table 1. Security Agent Console Main User Interface icons



Explanation and Action

Protection Enabled: You are protected and your software is up to date

The software is up-to-date and running properly. No action is required.

Restart Computer: Restart the computer to finish fixing security threats

Security Agent has discovered threats that it cannot fix immediately.

Restart the computer to finish fixing these threats.

Protection at Risk: Contact your administrator

Real-time Scan is disabled or protection is at risk for another reason.

Enable Real-time Scan and if this does not solve the problem, contact Support.

Update Now: You have not received an update in (number) days.

The virus pattern is older than 3 days.

Update the Security Agent immediately.

Smart Scan Not Available: Check your Internet connection

Security Agent has not had access to the Scan Server for over 15 minutes.

Ensure you are connected to your network in order to scan with the latest patterns.

Restart Computer: Restart your computer to finish installing an update

Restart your computer to finish an update.

Updating Program: Your security software is updating

An update is in progress. Do not disconnect from the network until finished.