Managing the Product License

From the Product License screen, you can renew, upgrade, or view product license details.

The Product License screen displays details about your license. Depending on the options you chose during installation, you might have a fully licensed version or an evaluation version. In either case, your license entitles you to a maintenance agreement. When your maintenance agreement expires, the clients on your network will have very limited protection. Use the Product License screen to determine your license expiration date to ensure that you renew your license before it expires.


Licenses to various components of Trend Micro products may differ by region. After installation, you will see a summary of the components your Registration Key/Activation Code allows you to use. Check with your vendor or reseller to verify the components for which you have licenses.

License Renewal

You can renew or upgrade to a fully licensed version of WFBS by purchasing a maintenance renewal. The fully licensed version requires an Activation Code.

Renew the product license in two ways:

  • On the web console, navigate to the Live Status screen and follow the on-screen instructions. These instructions appear 60 days before and 30 days after the license expires.

  • Contact your Trend Micro sales representative or corporate reseller to renew your license agreement.

    Resellers can leave their contact information on a file on the Security Server. Check the file at:

    {Security Server installation folder}\PCCSRV\Private\contact_info.ini


    {Security Server installation folder} is typically C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Security Server.

    A Trend Micro representative will update your registration information using Trend Micro Product Registration.

    The Security Server polls the Product Registration server and receives the new expiration date directly from the Product Registration server. You do not need to manually enter a new Activation Code when renewing your license.

Activating a New License

Your license type determines your Worry-Free Business Security Activation Code.

Table 1. Activation Code by License Type

License Type

Activation Code

Fully licensed version of WFBS Standard


Fully licensed version of WFBS Advanced



If you have questions about the Activation Code, please consult the Trend Micro support website at:

Use the Product License screen to change your license type by entering a new Activation Code.

  1. Navigate to Preferences > Product License.

  2. Click Enter a new code.

  3. Type your new Activation Code in the space provided.

  4. Click Activate.