Rolling Back Components

Rollback refers to reverting to the previous version of the Virus Pattern, Smart Scan Agent Pattern, and Virus Scan Engine. If these components do not function properly, roll them back to their previous versions. The Security Server retains the current and the previous versions of the Virus Scan Engine, and the last three versions of the Virus Pattern and Smart Scan Agent Pattern.


Only the above-mentioned components can be rolled back.

Worry-Free Business Security uses different scan engines for agents running 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. You need to roll back these scan engines separately. The rollback procedure for all types of scan engines is the same.

  1. Navigate to Updates > Rollback.
  2. Click Synchronize for a specific component to notify agents to synchronize their component versions with the version on the server.
  3. Click Rollback for a specific component to roll back that component on both the Security Server and agents.