Configuring the Security Server Update Source

By default, the Security Server obtains updates from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server. Specify a custom update source if the Security Server is unable to reach the ActiveUpdate server directly.

  • If the source is the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Server, ensure that the Security Server has Internet connection and, if you are using a proxy server, test if Internet connection can be established using the proxy settings. For details, see Configuring Internet Proxy Settings.

  • If the source is a custom update source (Intranet location containing a copy of the current file or Alternate update source), set up the appropriate environment and update resources for this update source. Also ensure that there is a functional connection between the Security Server and this update source. If you need assistance setting up an update source, contact your support provider.

  • A pure IPv6 Security Server cannot update directly from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server or any pure IPv4 custom update source. Similarly, a pure IPv4 Security Server cannot update directly from pure IPv6 custom update sources. A dual-stack proxy server that can convert IP addresses, such as DeleGate, is required to allow the Security Server to connect to the update sources.

  1. Navigate to Updates > Source.
  2. On the Server tab, select an update source.
    • Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Server

    • Intranet location containing a copy of the current file: Type the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path to the source, such as \\Web\ActiveUpdate. Also specify the logon credentials (user name and password) that the Security Server will use to connect to this source.

    • Alternate update source: Type the URL to this source. Be sure that the target HTTP virtual directory (Web share) is available to the Security Server.

  3. Click Save.