Configuring Scheduled Updates for the Security Server

Configure the Security Server to regularly check its update source and automatically download any available updates. Using scheduled update is an easy and effective way of ensuring that protection against threats is always current.

During times of virus/malware outbreaks, Trend Micro responds quickly to update virus pattern files (updates can be issued more than once each week). The scan engine and other components are also updated regularly. Trend Micro recommends updating your components daily, or even more frequently in times of virus/malware outbreaks, to help ensure the agent has the most up-to-date components.


Avoid scheduling a scan and an update to run at the same time. This may cause the Scheduled Scan to stop unexpectedly.

  1. Navigate to Updates > Scheduled.
  2. Select the components to update.

    For details about components, see Updatable Components.

  3. Click the Schedule tab and then specify the update schedule.
    • Conventional scan updates include all components, except the Smart Scan Pattern and Smart Scan Agent Pattern. Choose between daily, weekly, and monthly updates, and then specify a value for Update for a period of, which is the number of hours during which the Security Server will perform the update. The Security Server updates at any given time during this time period.


      For monthly scheduled updates (not recommended), if you select 31, 30, or 29 days and a month has less than the number of days, the update will not run that month.

    • Smart scan updates include only the Smart Scan Pattern and Smart Scan Agent Pattern. If none of your agents use smart scan, disregard this item.

  4. Click Save.