About Scans

During a scan, the Trend Micro scan engine works together with the pattern file to perform the first level of detection using a process called pattern matching. Since each threat contains a unique signature or string of tell-tale characters that distinguish it from any other code, inert snippets of this code are captured in the pattern file. The engine then compares certain parts of each scanned file to the pattern in the pattern file, looking for a match.

When the scan engine detects a file containing a threat, it executes an action such as clean, quarantine, delete, or replace with text/file (Advanced only). You can customize these actions when you set up your scanning tasks.

Worry-Free Business Security provides three types of scans. Each scan has a different purpose and use, but all are configured approximately the same way.

Security Agents use one of two scan methods when running scans:

  • Smart scan

  • Conventional scan

See Scan Methods for details.