Administrators can receive notifications whenever there are abnormal events on the network. Worry-Free Business Security can send notifications using email, SNMP, or Windows event logs.

By default, all events listed in the Notifications screen are selected and trigger the Security Server to send notifications to the system administrator.

Threat Events

  • Outbreak Defense: An alert is declared by TrendLabs or highly critical vulnerabilities are detected.

  • Antivirus: Virus/malware detected on clients or Microsoft Exchange servers (Advanced only) exceeds a certain number, actions taken against virus/malware are unsuccessful, Real-time Scan disabled on clients or Microsoft Exchange servers.

  • Anti-spyware: Spyware/grayware detected on clients, including those that require restarting the infected client to completely remove the spyware/grayware threat. You can configure the spyware/grayware notification threshold, that is, the number of spyware/grayware incidents detected within the specified time period (default is one hour).

  • Anti-spam (Advanced only): Spam occurrences exceed a certain percentage of total email messages.

  • Web Reputation: The number of URL violations exceeds the configured number in a certain period.

  • URL Filtering: The number of URL violations exceeds the configured number in a certain period.

  • Behavior Monitoring: The number of policy violations exceeds the configured number in a certain period.

  • Device Control: The number of Device Control violations exceeded a certain number.

  • Network Virus: The number of Network viruses detected exceeds a certain number.

System Events

  • Smart Scan: Clients configured for Smart Scan cannot connect to the Smart Scan server or the server is not available.

  • Component update: Last time components updated exceeds a certain number of days or updated components not deployed to Agents quick enough.

  • Unusual system events: Remaining disk space on any of the clients running Windows Server operating system is less than the configured amount, reaching dangerously low levels.

License Events

  • License: Product license is about to expire or has expired, seat count usage is more than 100%, or seat count is usage more than 120%.