Configuring Internet Proxy Settings

If the Security Server and agents use a proxy server to connect to the Internet, specify proxy server settings in order to utilize the following features and Trend Micro services:

  • Security Server: Component updates and license maintenance

  • Security Agents: Web Reputation, URL Filtering, Behavior Monitoring, Smart Feedback, and Smart Scan

  • Messaging Security Agents (Advanced only): Web Reputation and Anti-spam

  1. Navigate to Preferences > Global Settings.
  2. From the Proxy tab, update the following as required:
    • Security Server Proxy


      Messaging Security Agents also use Security Server proxy settings.

      • Use a proxy server for updates and license notifications

      • Use SOCKS 4/5 proxy protocol

      • Address: IPv4/IPv6 address or host name

      • Port

      • Proxy server authentication

        • User name

        • Password

    • Security Agent Proxy

      • Use the credentials specified for the update proxy


        Security Agents use the Internet Explorer proxy server and port to connect to the Internet. Select this option only if Internet Explorer on clients and the Security Server share the same authentication credentials.

      • User name

      • Password

  3. Click Save.