Trend Micro Support/Debugger

The Support/Debugger can assist you in debugging or just reporting the status of the Messaging Security Agent processes. When you are having unexpected difficulties you can use debugger to create debugger reports and send them to Trend Micro technical support for analysis.

Each Messaging Security Agent inserts messages into the program, and then records the action into log files upon execution. You can forward the logs to Trend Micro Technical Support staff to help them debug the actual program flow in your environment.

Use the debugger to generate logs on the following modules:

  • Messaging Security Agent Master Service

  • Messaging Security Agent Remote Configuration Server

  • Messaging Security Agent System Watcher

  • Virus Scan API (VSAPI)

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

By default, the MSA keeps the logs in the following directory:

<Messaging Security Agent installation folder>\Debug

View the output with any text editor.