Querying Quarantine Directories

  1. Navigate to Security Settings.
  2. Select a Messaging Security Agent.
  3. Click Configure Settings.

    A new screen appears.

  4. Click Quarantine > Query.

    A new screen appears.

  5. Update the following as required:
    • Date/Time Range

    • Reasons Quarantined

      • All Reasons

      • Specified Types: Select from Virus scan, Anti-Spam, Content filtering, Attachment blocking, and/or Unscannable message parts.

    • Resend Status

      • Never been resent

      • Resent at least once

      • Both of the above

    • Advanced Criteria

      • Sender: Messages from specific senders. Use wildcards if required.

      • Recipient: Messages from specific recipients. Use wildcards if required.

      • Subject: Messages with specific subjects. Use wildcards if required.

      • Sort by: Configure the sort condition for the results page.

      • Display: Number of results per page.

  6. Click Search. See Viewing Query Results and Taking Action.