Configuring Device Access Control

  1. Navigate to Security Settings.
  2. Select a Messaging Security Agent.
  3. Click Configure Settings.

    A new screen appears.

  4. Click Mobile Security > Device Access Control.

    A new screen appears.

  5. Select Enable Device Access Control.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Type a policy name and a meaningful description for the policy.
  8. Select which devices to allow/block access to the Microsoft Exchange Server by identifying the device owner(s):
    • Anyone

    • Specify device owners

  9. If Specify device owners is selected:
    1. Type a device owner's name and click Search to find the device owner in the Microsoft Exchange Server's Global Address List.
    2. Select the device owner and click Add.
  10. If it is known, select the device's operating system from the Type drop-down list.
  11. If it is known, select Specify version number range and identify which versions of that operating system are allowed.
  12. Specify whether the Messaging Security Agent should allow or block access to the device owner's mail, calendar, contacts, or tasks.
  13. Click Save.