Managing the End User Quarantine

During installation, the Messaging Security Agent adds a folder, Spam Mail, to the server-side mailbox of each end user. When spam messages arrive, the system quarantines them in this folder according to spam filter rules predefined by the Messaging Security Agent. End users can view this spam folder to open, read, or delete the suspect email messages. See Configuring Spam Maintenance.

Alternatively, Administrators can create the Spam Mail folder on Microsoft Exchange. When an Administrator creates a mailbox account, the mailbox entity will not be created immediately in Microsoft Exchange server, but will be created under the following conditions:

  • An end user logs on to their mailbox for the first time

  • The first email arrives at the mailbox

The Administrator must first create the mailbox entity before EUQ can create the Spam Folder.

Client-side Spam Mail Folder

End users can open email messages quarantined in the spam folder. When they open one of these messages, two buttons appear on the actual email message: Approved Sender and View Approved Sender List.

  • When an end user opens an email message from the Spam Mail folder and clicks Approved Sender, then the sender's address for that email is added to the end user's Approved Senders list.

  • Clicking View Approved Sender List opens another screen which allows the end user to view and modify their list of approved senders by email address or domain.

Approved Senders

When the end user receives an email message in the Spam Mail folder and clicks Approve Sender, the Messaging Security Agent moves the message to the end users local inbox and adds the sender's address to the end user's personal Approved Sender List. The Messaging Security Agent logs the event.

When the Microsoft Exchange server receives messages from the addresses on the end user’s Approved Senders list, it delivers them to the end user’s inbox, regardless of the header or content of the message.


The Messaging Security Agent also provides administrators with an Approved Senders and Blocked Senders list. The Messaging Security Agent applies the administrator’s approved senders and blocked senders before considering the end user list.

End User Quarantine Housekeeping Feature

The Messaging Security Agent housekeeping feature performs the following tasks every 24 hours at the default time of 2:30 AM:

  • Auto-deletes expired spam messages

  • Recreates the spam folder if it has been deleted

  • Creates spam folders for newly created mail accounts

  • Maintains email message rules

The housekeeping feature is an integral part of the Messaging Security Agent and requires no configuration.