User Tools

  • Anti-Spam Toolbar: Filters spam in Microsoft Outlook, gives statistics, and allows you to change certain settings.

  • HouseCall: Determines the safety of a wireless connection by checking the authenticity of access points based on the validity of their SSIDs, authentication methods, and encryption requirements. A pop-up warning will show if a connection is unsafe.

  • Case Diagnostic Tool: Trend Micro Case Diagnostic Tool (CDT) collects necessary debugging information from a customer’s product whenever problems occur. It automatically turns the product's debug status on and off and collects necessary files according to problem categories. Trend Micro uses this information to troubleshoot problems related to the product.

    This tool is available only on the Security Agent console.

  • Client Mover: Use this tool to transfer clients from one server to another. The servers must be of the same language version and type.

  • Client-Server Communication Tool: Use this tool to troubleshoot client-server communication.