Configuring Scan Methods

When you installed the Security Server, you are given the option to enable smart scan. If you enabled the option, the default scan method is smart scan, which means that all Security Agents will use smart scan. Otherwise, the default is conventional scan. You can switch agents between these scan methods according to your current requirements. For example:

  • If agents currently use conventional scan and scanning takes a considerable amount of time to complete, you can switch to smart scan, which was designed to be faster and more efficient. Another instance you might switch to smart scan is when disk space on the agent is running low because smart scan agents download smaller pattern sizes and therefore require less disk space.

    Before switching to smart scan, navigate to Preferences > Global Settings > Desktop/Servers tab and go to the General Scan Settings section. Be sure that the Disable Smart Scan Service option has been disabled.

  • Switch agents to conventional scan if you notice a drop in performance in the Security Server, which may signal that it is unable to handle all scan queries from agents in a timely manner.

The following table lists some considerations when switching scan methods:

Table 1. Considerations When Switching Between Scan Methods



Security Server connection

Ensure that Security Agents can connect to the Security Server. Only online agents will be notified to switch to a different scan method. Offline agents get notified when they become online.

Also verify that the Security Server has the latest components because agents need to download new components from the Security Server, namely, Smart Scan Agent Pattern for agents that will switch to smart scan and Virus Pattern for agents that will switch to conventional scan.

Number of Security Agents to switch

Switching a relatively small number of Security Agents at a time allows efficient use of Security Server resources. The Security Server can perform other critical tasks while agents change their scan methods.


When switching Security Agents for the first time, agents need to download the full version of the Smart Scan Agent Pattern (for agents that will switch to smart scan) or Virus Pattern (for agents that will switch to conventional scan).

Consider switching during off-peak hours to ensure the download process finishes within a short amount of time. Also temporarily disable "Update Now" on agents to prevent user-initiated updates and re-enable it after the agents have switched scan methods.


Subsequently, agents will download smaller, incremental versions of the Smart Scan Agent Pattern or Virus Pattern as long as they are updated frequently.

IPv6 support

A pure IPv6 smart scan agent that is offline cannot send queries directly to the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.

A dual-stack proxy server that can convert IP addresses, such as DeleGate, is required to allow the smart scan agent to send queries.

  1. Navigate to Security Settings.
  2. Select a desktop or server group.
  3. Click Configure Settings.

    A new screen appears.

  4. Select your preferred scan method.
  5. Click Save.