Configuring the Firewall

Configure the firewall for In Office and Out of Office. If Location Awareness is disabled, In Office settings will be used for Out of Office connections. For details about Location Awareness, see Configuring Desktop/Server Settings.

Trend Micro disables the firewall by default.

  1. Navigate to Security Settings.
  2. Select a desktop or server group.
  3. Click Configure Settings.
  4. Click Firewall > In Office or Firewall > Out of Office.
  5. Select Enable Firewall.
  6. Select from the following:
    • Simple Mode: Enables firewall with default settings.

      For details, see Firewall.

    • Advanced Mode: Enables firewall with custom settings.

  7. If you selected Advanced Mode, update the following options as required:
    • Security Level: The security level controls the traffic rules to be enforced for ports not in the exception list.
      • High: blocks all incoming and outgoing traffic except any traffic allowed in the exception list.

      • Medium: blocks all incoming traffic and allows all outgoing traffic except any traffic allowed and blocked in the exception list.

      • Low: allows all incoming and outgoing traffic except any traffic blocked in the exception list. This is the default setting for the Simple mode.

    • Settings

      • Enable Intrusion Detection System: Intrusion Detection System identifies patterns in network packets that may indicate an attack. See Intrusion Detection System.

      • Enable Alert Messages: When WFBS detects a violation, the client is notified.

    • Exceptions: Ports in the exception list will not be blocked.

      For details, see Working with Firewall Exceptions

  8. Click Save.