Migrating to the Security Agent

When you install the Security Agent, Setup checks for any Trend Micro or third-party endpoint security software installed on the client.

Setup can perform the following actions:

  • Remove other endpoint security software currently installed on the client and then replace it with the Security Agent

  • Detect other endpoint security software, but not remove

Visit the following website for a list of endpoint security software:


If the software on the client cannot be removed automatically or can only be detected but not removed, manually uninstall it first. Depending on the uninstallation process of the software, the client may or may not need to restart after uninstallation.

Migration Issues and Possible Solutions

Automatic uninstallation of third-party endpoint security software may be unsuccessful for the following reasons:

  • The third-party software’s version number or product key is inconsistent.

  • The third-party software’s uninstallation program is not working.

  • Certain files for the third-party software are either missing or corrupted.

  • The registry key for the third-party software cannot be cleaned.

  • The third-party software has no uninstallation program.

Possible solutions to these issues:

  • Manually remove the third-party software.

  • Stop the service for the third-party software.

  • Unload the service or process for the third-party software.