Removing Agents

There are two ways to remove Security Agents and Messaging Security Agents (Advanced only):

Remove Agents from the Web Console

Use this option for inactive agents. An inactive agent continuously appears as offline on the web console because the client on which the agent is installed may have been powered off for a long time or reformatted before the agent can be uninstalled.

When you remove agents from the web console:

  • The agent, if it still exists on the client, will not be uninstalled.

  • The server stops managing the agent.

  • When the agent starts communicating with the server again (for example, after powering on the client), the agent is added back to the web console. A Security Agent applies the settings of its original group. If the group no longer exists, the agent will be grouped under Servers (default) or Desktops (default), depending on the client’s operating system, and apply the settings of that group.


WFBS provides another feature that checks for and removes inactive agents from the web console. Use this feature to automate the agent removal task. To use this feature, navigate to Preferences > Global Settings > System tab and go to the Inactive Security Agent Removal section.

Uninstall the Agent

You can uninstall the agent (and consequently remove it from the web console) if you encounter problems with the agent program. Trend Micro recommends reinstalling the agent immediately to keep the client protected from threats.