Scan Server

The Security Server includes a service called Scan Server, which is automatically installed during Security Server installation. As such, there is no need to install it separately. The Scan Server runs under the process name iCRCService.exe and appears as Trend Micro Smart Scan Service from Microsoft Management Console.

When Security Agents use a scan method called smart scan, the Scan Server helps these agents run scans more efficiently. The smart scan process can be described as follows:

  • The Security Agent scans the client for security threats using the Smart Scan Agent Pattern, a lightweight version of the traditional Virus Pattern. The Smart Scan Agent Pattern holds most of the threat signatures available on the Virus Pattern.

  • A Security Agent that cannot determine the risk of the file during the scan verifies the risk by sending a scan query to the Scan Server. The Scan Server verifies the risk using the Smart Scan Pattern, which holds the threat signatures not available on the Smart Scan Agent Pattern.

  • The Security Agent "caches" the scan query result provided by the Scan Server to improve the scan performance.

By hosting some of the threat definitions, the Scan Server helps reduce the Security Agents’ bandwidth consumption when downloading components. Instead of downloading the Virus Pattern, Security Agents download the Smart Scan Agent Pattern, which is significantly smaller in size.

When Security Agents are unable to connect to the Scan Server, they send scan queries to the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which has the same function as the Scan Server.

It is not possible to uninstall the Scan Server separately from the Security Server. If you do not want to use the Scan Server:

  1. On the Security Server computer, open Microsoft Management Console and disable the Trend Micro Smart Scan Service.

  2. On the web console, switch Security Agents to conventional scan by navigating to Preferences > Global Settings > Desktop/Server tab and selecting the option Disable Smart Scan Service.