Worry-Free Business Security keeps comprehensive logs about virus/malware and spyware/grayware incidents, events, and updates. Use these logs to assess your organization's protection policies, identify clients that are at a higher risk of infection, and verify that updates have been deployed successfully.


Use spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, to view CSV log files.

Worry-Free Business Security maintains logs under the following categories:

  • Web Console event logs

  • Desktop/Server logs

  • Microsoft Exchange server logs (Advanced only)

Table 1. Log Type and Content

Type (entity that generated the log entry)

Content (type of log to obtain content from)

Management console events

  • Manual Scan (launched from the web console)

  • Update (Security Server updates)

  • Console events


  • Virus logs

    • Manual Scan

    • Real-time Scan

    • Scheduled scan

  • Spyware/Grayware logs

    • Manual Scan

    • Real-time Scan

    • Scheduled scan

  • Predictive Machine Learning logs

  • Web Reputation logs

  • URL Filtering logs

  • Behavior Monitoring logs

  • Update logs

  • Network virus logs

  • Event logs

  • Device Control logs

  • Update Deployment logs

  • Ransomware logs

    • Antivirus

    • Behavior Monitoring

    • Web Reputation

    • URL Filtering

    • Predictive Machine Learning

Exchange server (Advanced only)

  • Virus logs

  • Attachment Blocking logs

  • Content Filtering/Data Loss Prevention logs

  • Update logs

  • Backup logs

  • Archive logs

  • Scan Event logs

  • Unscannable Message Parts logs

  • Web Reputation logs

  • Mobile Event logs