Security Risk Detections: Predictive Machine Learning

You can view this information by clicking one of the following links on the Unknown Threats tab on the Security Risk Detections Over Time widget:

  • The Predictive Machine Learning detection count in the table view

  • Any Predictive Machine Learning node in the graph view

Click Export to save the log events in a CSV file.

Table 1.




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Date and time that the Security Agent reported the detection information to Worry-Free Business Security

Device Name

Name of the affected device

Group Name

Name of the group that the device belongs to

Unknown Threat

Name of the probable threat

Threat Probability

Indicates how closely the file/process matched the malware model

File Name

Name of the file object or the program that executed the process


The detected file name for this detection may not be the same as the file name detected on other endpoints. Predictive Machine Learning associates detections according to file hash values, not specific file names.


Path of the file object or the path of the program that executed the process

Infection Channel

Channel from which the threat originated

Action Taken

Action taken by Worry-Free Business Security in response to the detection