Security Risk Detections: Spyware/Grayware

You can view this information by clicking one of the following links on the Known Threats tab on the Security Risk Detections Over Time widget:

  • The Spyware/Grayware detection count in the table view

  • Any Spyware/Grayware node in the graph view

Click Export to save the log events in a CSV file.

Table 1.




Date and time that the Security Agent reported the spyware or grayware detection information to Worry-Free Business Security

Device Name

Name of the affected device

Click the name to see a list of individual spyware or grayware detected on that device.

Spyware/Grayware Name

Name of the detected spyware or grayware

Scan Type

Type of scan used to detect the spyware or grayware

Action Taken

Action taken by Worry-Free Business Security in response to the spyware or grayware detection