Anti-spyware: Detections Requiring Device Restart

You can view this log information by clicking the Anti-spyware - detections requiring device restart: %N% event in the Action Center.

  • Click Dismiss from Action Center to redirect to the Live Status screen and remove the notification event from the Action Center. Logs related to the events on this screen are still available through Log Query.

  • Click Export to save the log events in a CSV file.

Table 1.




Date and time that the Security Agent reported the spyware or grayware detection information to Worry-Free Business Security

Device Name

Name of the affected device

Spyware/Grayware Name

Name of the detected spyware or grayware

Click the link to be redirected to the Trend Micro Threat Encyclopedia for an in-depth description of the threat including instructions to manually clean attacks by this particular threat.

Scan Type

Type of scan used to detect the spyware or grayware