Configuring Events for Notifications

Worry-Free Business Security offers three methods to deliver notifications:

  • SNMP notification

  • Windows Event log

  • Email notification

  1. Go to Administration > Notifications.
  2. To receive SNMP notifications, configure the SNMP Notification Recipient section.

    Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a protocol used for network management. To view data in the SNMP trap, use a Management Information Base browser.

    1. Select Enable SNMP notifications.
    2. Specify the IP address for the SNMP trap.
    3. Specify the SNMP community string.
  3. To receive Windows event log notifications, select Write to Windows event log under Logging.
  4. To receive email notifications, specify the sender and recipients.

    Separate multiple entries with semicolons.

  5. Click the Action Required or Warnings tab.
  6. Select the check boxes that correspond to the types of events you want to receive notifications about in the Email Notification column.
  7. If available in the Alert Threshold column, specify the number of detections or violations within each time period that trigger a notification.
  8. To customize the subject line and the message body of each event notification, click the notification link in the Type column.

    For more information on customizing notifications, see Token Variables.

  9. Click Save.