Global Settings

From the web console, you can configure global settings for the Security Server and Security Agents.

Table 1.




If the network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet, specify proxy server settings for the following services:

  • Component updates and license notifications

  • Web Reputation, Behavior Monitoring, and Smart Scan

For details, see Configuring Internet Proxy Settings.


The SMTP server settings apply to all notifications and reports generated by the Security Server.

For details, see Configuring SMTP Server Settings.


The security settings apply to all Security Agents.

For details, see Configuring Desktop/Server Settings.


The system settings allow you to automatically remove inactive agents, check the connection of agents, and maintain the quarantine folder.

For details, see Configuring System Settings.


The exception lists allow you to override the policy settings defined in Web Reputation, URL Filtering, and Predictive Machine Learning.

Fore details, see Configuring Exception List Settings.