Using the Device Commands

Figure 1. Using the device command menu

After you select a group from the Device Tree, a list of the Security Agents in the group appears to the right in a table. The menu bar on top of the table contains the commands you can use to manage the Security Agents. Depending on the type of group you selected, some commands are only available in specific group types or may be disabled.

Use the search bar on top of the Devices screen to search for endpoints using names, labels, or IP addresses.


To search for endpoints within a network, you can type parts of an IP address. For example, searching for "192" would return all IP addresses with "192" in it and "192." would only return all IP addresses starting with "192". However, wildcards and special symbols (*, +, (, ), -, &) cannot be used to search for endpoint names.

Table 1. Device Commands



Add Devices

Install one of the following:

  • Security Agent to an endpoint (desktop or server)

  • Messaging Security Agent to a Microsoft Exchange Server (Advanced only)

See Adding Agents to Groups for more information.

Configure Policy

Configures the security settings for all Security Agents in the selected group

See Summary of Basic Security Settings for Security Agents for more information.

Scan Now

  • Starts scanning all endpoints in the selected group

  • Starts scanning the selected endpoints

Stop Scan

  • Stops scanning all endpoints in the selected group

  • Stops scanning the selected endpoints

Uninstall Agent

Removes the Security Agent from the selected endpoints

See Removing Agents for more information.

Reset Counter

Resets the security risk detection counters for all Security Agents on your network. Related log information is still available through Log Query

Customize Columns

Chooses the columns to display in the table

See Customizing Device List Columns for more information.

Move Security Agent

Move the selected Security Agents to another group or to another Security Server.

See Moving Agents for more information.