Importing and Exporting the Settings of Security Agent Groups

Export the settings of a desktop or server group to a .dat file to back up the settings. You can also use the .dat file to import the settings to another group.


You can import/export settings between desktop and server groups. Settings are not dependent on group type. You can also use the Replicate Settings feature, although this feature is dependent on the group type. For details about the Replicate Settings feature, see Replicating Settings.

Table 1. Settings that can be Imported and Exported


Screen That Contains the Settings

Settings That Can Be Exported/Imported

Desktop group () or Server group ()

Devices (Devices > Configure Policy)

  • Antivirus/Anti-spyware (Real-time Scan)

  • Predictive Machine Learning

  • Behavior Monitoring

  • Trusted Program

  • Quarantine

  • Web Reputation

  • URL Filtering

  • Firewall

  • Device Control

  • User Tools (Available only on desktop groups)

  • Agent Privileges

Manual Scan (Scans > Manual Scan)

All settings

Scheduled Scan (Scans > Scheduled Scan)

All settings