Security Agent Installation Considerations

Before installing Security Agents, consider the following:

  • Agent features: Some Security Agent features are not available on certain Windows platforms. For details, see Available Security Agent Features.

  • x64 platforms: A scaled down version of the Security Agent is available for the x64 platform. However, no support is currently available for the IA-64 platform.

  • IPv6 support: The Security Agent can be installed on dual-stack or pure IPv6 endpoints. However, some installation methods may have specific requirements.

    For details, see Security Agent Installation and IPv6 Support.

  • Exception lists: Ensure that exception lists for the following features have been configured properly:

    • Behavior Monitoring: Add critical client applications to the Approved Programs list to prevent the Security Agent from blocking these applications. For more information, see Configuring Behavior Monitoring.

    • Web Reputation: Add websites that you consider safe to the Approved URL List to prevent the Security Agent from blocking access to the websites. For more information, see Configuring Web Reputation for Security Agents.

  • Agent installation directory: During the Security Server installation, Setup prompts you to specify the agent installation directory, which is $ProgramFiles\Trend Micro\Security Agent by default. If you want to install the Security Agents to a different directory, specify the new directory in Administration > Global Settings > System > Security Agent Installation section.