Web Console Navigation

The web console contains the following main sections:

Table 1. Web Console Main Sections
Section Description

A. Main menu

At the top of the web console is the main menu.

The Log off link is also provided to allow you to end your current session.


Configuration area

Below the main menu items is the configuration area. Use this area to select options and configure settings according to the menu item you selected.


Menu sidebar (not available on all screens)

When you choose a Security Agent group from the Devices screen and click Configure Policy, a menu sidebar displays. Use the sidebar to configure security settings and scans for the desktops and servers that belong to the group.

When you choose a Messaging Security Agent from the Devices screen (Advanced only), you can use the sidebar to configure security settings and scans for your Microsoft Exchange servers.

Table 2. Main Menu Section

Menu Item


Live Status

Monitor the overall security status of your Security Agents and the operational status of the Security Server


  • Customize security settings for agents

  • Replicate settings between groups


  • Scan endpoints for threats

  • Schedule scanning for clients


  • Check the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server (or a custom update source) for the latest updated components, including updates to the virus pattern, scan engine, cleanup components, and the agent program

  • Configure update source

  • Designate Security Agents as Update Agents


Generate reports to keep track of threats and other security-related events


  • Set up notifications for abnormal threat-related or system-related events

  • Set up global settings for ease of maintenance

  • Use management tools to help manage security for the network and clients

  • View product license information, maintain the administrator password, and help keep the business environment safe for the exchange of digital information by joining the Smart Feedback program

  • Automate product updates and notify users when a new update package becomes available


  • Search for specific content and topics

  • View the Administrator’s Guide

  • Access the latest information from the Knowledge Base (KB)

  • View Security, Sales, Support, and version information