Configuring Web Reputation Profiles

Purpose: Configure web reputation gateway profiles to scrutinizes URLs before users access potentially dangerous websites, especially sites known to be phishing or pharming sites.

Location: Policies > SECURITY PROFILES > Security Profiles > Web Reputation

  1. Optionally enable the security profile.
  2. Configure the URL blocking sensitivity level.

    If there are too many false positives or to enhance protection, modify the WRS profile to be stricter or more lenient.

    • High

      Blocks more websites, but risks blocking non-malicious websites.

    • Medium

      Balances risks between High and Low settings (default).

    • Low

      Blocks fewer websites, but risks not blocking potentially malicious websites.

  3. Click Modify Global Approved List to configure the Approved List.

    See Approved and Blocked Lists.

  4. Set the Action to Block or Monitor.
    • If set to Block, suspicious URLs are blocked according to the configured sensitivity level.

    • If set to Monitor, suspicious URLs are logged, but are not blocked.

    The default Action is Block.

  5. Click Save.