Configuring Endpoint Identification Profiles

Purpose: Configure Endpoint Identification profiles to identify which IPv4 address belongs to which user.

Location: Policies > SECURITY PROFILES > Security Profiles > Endpoint Identification

  1. Open any desired profile to change, or click the appropriate button to add or delete the profile.
  2. Specify a name.
  3. Select which method to use for authentication:
    • Captive Portal if you use Captive Portal for authentication.

      See Captive Portal.

    • Transparent Authentication if you use LDAP for authentication.

      Transparent authentication is valid only when LDAP is selected as User Type in the gateway's End User Management settings.


      LDAP settings for Cloud Edge must be supported in your location.

      For transparent authentication, Cloud Edge retrieves the log-in log information from the Domain Controller periodically, which makes it possible to map a user to an IP address. If this fails, Cloud Edge directly connects to the client machine (the one trying to access a location outside the network) to query for the current logged-in user. (This requires that the LDAP settings account has the appropriate privileges.)

  4. Specify the address objects affected by policies.

    You can specify IPv4 address objects. You can find more information about address objects at IP Addresses/FQDNs.

  5. Click Save.