Predictive Machine Learning

Trend Micro Predictive Machine Learning uses advanced machine learning technology to correlate threat information and perform in-depth file analysis to detect emerging unknown security risks through digital DNA fingerprinting, API mapping, and other file features.

Predictive Machine Learning is a powerful tool that helps protect your environment from unidentified threats and zero-day attacks.

After detecting an unknown or low-prevalence file, Cloud Edge scans the file using the Advanced Threat Scan Engine (ATSE) to extract file features and sends the report to the Predictive Machine Learning engine, hosted on the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. Through use of malware modeling, Predictive Machine Learning compares the sample to the malware model, assigns a probability score, and determines the probable malware type that the file contains.

Depending on how you configure Predictive Machine Learning, Cloud Edge can block or tag the email containing the affected file attachment to prevent the threat from continuing to spread across your network. Alternatively, Cloud Edge can monitor and log information about the email containing the affected file attachment without blocking or tagging the email.