Viewing Information About Configured Policy Rules

Purpose: View information about configured policy rules for Cloud Edge Cloud Console.

Location: Policies > Policy Rules

  1. View the policy rule information.
    • Rule name: The policy rule's name

    • Status: Current status for the policy rule

      Status can be Enabled () or Disabled ().

    • Gateway Devices: List of standard/G3 gateways and Cloud Edge 50G2 gateways to which the policy rule is applied

      Two distinct icons are used to distinguish between the two types of gateways:

      • : Standard/G3 gateway

      • : Cloud Edge 50G2 gateway

        The Cloud Edge 50G2 gateway is a second-generation model with higher hardware and performance that runs on Cloud Edge 6.0 and later releases.

    • Interface Objects: List of interface objects to which the policy rule is applied

    • Identity objects: The list of identity objects

    • Services: The list of services

    • Content Types: The list of content types

    • Schedule: The schedule object applied to the policy rule

    • Action: The action to apply to scanned objects that match conditions for the policy rule

    • Security Profile: The list of actions to take for security profiles for that specific policy rule

    • Usage: Displays total usage for that policy rule

      Click on the usage number to see a summary of usage statistics. For more, see Usage Information for Policy Rules.

  2. Click any expansion icons () within a policy rule to view more information for that entry.